2012 Volunteering with Refugees:  Neoliberalism, Hegemony, and (Senior) Citizenship. Human Organization 71(2):167-175. 2012 Emotions out of Place?: Bosnian Roma in Fargo, North Dakota. Invited Paper. Etudes Tsiganes Special Issue: Emotion and Place: a Gypsy/Roma Account. Aspasia Theodosiou and Micol Brazzabeni, eds. 44-45:102-115 (French version) and 150-263 (English version). 2011 (with Caroline Faria) “We want empowerment for our women”: Transnational Feminism, Neoliberal Citizenship and the Gendering … Continue reading Publications


Dissertation Research What can relationships between refugees and social service providers in Fargo, North Dakota, tell us about how citizenship is experienced and negotiated on an everyday level? What role do race, ethnicity, religion, class, and gender play in these quotidian dramas?  My (2010) dissertation answered these questions by comparing and contrasting two groups of refugees (Bosnians and Southern Sudanese) and two social service organizations … Continue reading Research