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2012 Volunteering with Refugees:  Neoliberalism, Hegemony, and (Senior) Citizenship. Human Organization 71(2):167-175.

2012 Emotions out of Place?: Bosnian Roma in Fargo, North Dakota. Invited Paper. Etudes Tsiganes Special Issue: Emotion and Place: a Gypsy/Roma Account. Aspasia Theodosiou and Micol Brazzabeni, eds. 44-45:102-115 (French version) and 150-263 (English version).

2011 (with Caroline Faria) “We want empowerment for our women”: Transnational Feminism, Neoliberal Citizenship and the Gendering of Women’s Political Subjectivity in South Sudan.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 36(3):627-652. Each author contributed 50%.

2006 Roma in Bosnia-Herzegovina: A Gendered Gaze at the Politics of Roma, (I)NGOs, and the State. Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture Special Issue: The ‘Grand’ and ‘Small’ Political Narratives: Social and Political Realities of Europe 4(8-9):87-103.

2003 Reflections on Fieldwork with Romani Women: Race, Class, and Feminism in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Anthropology of East Europe Review 21(2) Fall 2003: 113-117.

2001 Race, Class, Gender, and Domestic Violence: the Situation of Romani Women in Zenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina in How We Live(d). Jennifer Erickson, ed. Zenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina: Medica Zenica Infoteka. (Published in the English, Bosno-Serbo-Croatian, and Romani languages).

2000 Activism in Bosnia: Violence and Feminism Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, Vol.6, No.2: 8-14.


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